Your Chromebook

All you need to know about a Chromebook, Chromebox, or Chrome OS

Powerwashing your Chromebook will wipe out all of your settings, data, and programs. When you’re finished and you log in with your Google account, some of your personal settings will be replaced as they were before. You’ll also have access to your Google Account as well as your Chrome browser settings. You’ll also be able to access the files you saved in your Google Drive. Continue reading
If you've had your Chromebook for more than 15 minutes, you've probably downloaded and installed an app that wasn't what you wanted or expected. And if you're not going to use it, there's no sense is letting it take up space in your app list. Continue reading
Ok, you already know the Chromebook Pixel is the baddest machine on the Chrome OS block. But you need to know if the artillery is worth the hype and price. Here you go. Feast your eyes on this bad-ass laptop. Continue reading
If you’re thinking about buying a new laptop, here's a bit of info to help you make up your mind. When you buy a computer featuring Chrome OS, there's no software to install. All your data and settings are saved in Google Drive. Surf the web anytime and almost anywhere. And Chromebooks boot up ultra fast. Continue reading
It's a new and innovative type of laptop that's really inexpensive. In fact, you can often pick up a brand new one for under $200. They use Google’s Chrome OS instead of Windows, Mac-OS, or any other operating system that you’re familiar with. They're web-based, which means they're a lot like a tablet. Continue reading